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Project: Department of Housing • $430,000,000.00 • Puerto Rico

The Puerto Rico Department of Housing, as the General Partner of Vivienda Modernization Holdings 1, S.E. (the “Partnership”), is in the process of modernizing 33 residential housing projects to be rented to persons of low and moderate income. The Department also is performing the role of Project Developer for the Partnership. PGES is assisting the Department in its role as Developer by providing technical assistance and support in managing and administrating the Project Portfolio. PGES ensures that the Department has all the information and documentation necessary to fulfill its obligations as Developer in a timely and efficient manner.

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Project: Rio 2012 • $325,000,000.00 • Rio Piedras

PGES provides program management services to the Municipality of San Juan in a major infrastructure project: Río 2012. Río 2012 is a redevelopment program that covers 40.66 acres of land and 25 town blocks. This multi-use redevelopment will include residential and commercial uses, recreational parks, and urban design improvements.

There are three major projects underway or have been completed under this initiative. These include the newly renovated Plaza Convalecencia, a six-story, 150,000 square feet Transit Center that will service 51 “público” routes and provide 334 parking spaces, and the new 152,000 square feet, 10 floor, Municipal Government Center.

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Project: Portal del Parque • $200,000,000.00 • Hato Rey

PGES is providing technical and strategic advice to the Joint Venture Partnership of Tres Ríos, LTD and Commercial Centers Management in the development of the largest public-private Transit Oriented Development (“TOD”) project in Puerto Rico, “Portal del Parque”, that is part of the Joint Development Government Initiative. This TOD project is estimated to cost over $200 million and will provide a multi-use residential, office and commercial complex in the vicinity of the Tren Urbano, Roosevelt Station.

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Project: Route 66 - Phase II • $80,000,000.00 • Canovanas - Río Grande

The Puerto Rico Highway and Transportation Authority (PRHTA) is developing a highway construction project of new four-lane and limited toll highway which runs parallel to State Road PR-3, from Phase I of the existing PR-66 Highway, toward the East extending through the Municipality of Río Grande, at a construction cost of $80,000,000
PGES assists the PRHTA, in its role as Construction Manager, by providing technical assistance and support in managing the Project, and through coordination with the inspection companies contracted by the Authority.

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Project: Metro Urbano - Bus Rapid Transit • $73,000,000.00 • Toa Alta - Bayamón

The Puerto Rico Highway & Transportation Authority (PRHTA) proposed the Construction of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), its Parking Facility and Dynamic Lanes in State Roads PR-5 and PR-22 between PR-165 and the Bayamón Tren Urbano Station, in the Municipalities of Toa Baja and Bayamón. The project will provide express bus service between the boarding station and the Bayamón Tren Urbano Station.

PGES provides Inspection and Management services for the construction of the an exclusive lane for the “Metro Urbano” from PR-22 to PR-5, STA.0+82.29 to STA. 11+80.00 (Unit IV-A1 & Unit IV-A2). Also, provides the Project Control services for the project to be constructed from Toa Baja Toll Station to STA. 20+00 (Unit I).

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Project: Menonita General Hospital • $58,000,000.00 • Cayey

The Menonita Hospital Corporation is currently undertaking an expansion of its medical facilities in Cayey, that also include a new medical office building and a parking garage. The expansion project will increase the capacity of the hospital by 121,470 square feet and refurbish 42,312 square feet of the existing hospital structure. The new office building has 99,223 square feet of new construction that includes 60 medical offices, commercial, retail and services areas. The parking garage will have capacity for 502 parking spaces. As the Owner’s Representative, PGES has managed the selection and supervision of the Construction Manager. PGES has selected and managed the various professional consultants that have conducted the environmental assessment studies, soils studies, and obtained the permits and endorsements required for the project. PGES also has provided technical support to the owner in connection with its application for a HUD financing guarantee.

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Project: Amelia Guaynabo City Waterfront • $55,000,000.00 • Guaynabo

PGES has been retained by the Municipality of Guaynabo to provide program management services for the Amelia Waterfront Development Project. Its primary responsibility is to ensure that the Master Plan vision for this development is implemented and that it complies with all federal and local government regulations and requirements. The focus of the Amelia Waterfront Development is to maximize the region’s tourism and economic potential, as well as promote the quality of life of its constituents. The development includes a striking landmark of superior architecture grounded in a solid urban planning practice that embraces the surrounding context and community, strategically integrating not only the project and its uses, but key access points and the public realm.

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Project: Correctional Medical Center • $45,000,000.00 • Bayamón

The primary objective of the Correctional Medical Center (CMC) is to improve inmate’s access to specialized medical services within an institution under the control and supervision of the correctional system. The CMC will be located in the Bayamón Correctional Complex.  The CMC will have a total of 200 beds and will include, among others services, a unit for prolonged care, a detoxification unit and beds for the hospitalization of physical and mental healthcare conditions, at a construction cost of $45,000,000.

PG Engineering Solutions, PSC (PGES) assists the Government Development Bank as the Bank Inspection for this construction project.

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Project: Pavia Hospital • $24,000,000.00 • Santurce

PGES is serving as Owner's Representative and providing construction inspection services for the expansion of Pavía Hospital. The expansion consists of the construction of a 296,000 square foot, 13-story building and 460 parking spaces. The additional square feet will provide for new emergency facilities, 45 acute care unit beds and a state-of-the-art Asthma Center. PGES has provided quality assurance, budget management, schedule management, safety and security during construction and medical gas system installation inspection services. The project has been an extremely complex undertaking since there has been ongoing construction on a fully operational hospital facility, in one of the most densely populated areas in the heart of Santurce, on a site that is 96% occupied. The new hospital emergency facilities and the acute care unit were able to begin operations 5 months prior to concluding the construction contract time.

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Project: Sabana Seca Land Management, LLC • $20,000,000.00 • Toa Baja

PGES supports the management and development of approximately 2,000 acres of land in the Municipality of Toa Baja, previously the Sabana Seca United States Naval Base. PGES has provided management services to this client since 2006, including overseeing the environmental assessment and mitigation program, facility maintenance program, surveying, inventory control program, and the safety and security program.

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Project: Puerto Rico Comprehensive Cancer Center • $18,700,000.00 • Río Piedras

The new Puerto Rico Comprehensive Cancer Center, with approximately 52,000 square feet, will accommodate cancer research laboratories to promote basic sciences, clinical services and epidemiological research in cancer prevention and control in Puerto Rico. The Center seeks to be a comprehensive cancer center of excellence in cancer prevention, research, and patient services for Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, with a primary focus on cancer in Hispanics and other minority populations. Built at a cost of $18.7 million, the construction was completed with only 90 days of delay. PGES’s responsibilities included procurement, contract negotiations and project inspection.

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Project: Low Income Housing Tax Credit Projects • $11,000,000.00 • San Germán & Adjuntas

PathStone Corporation is a private, not-for-profit community development and services organization based in Rochester, New York . PathStone builds family and individual self-sufficiency by strengthening farmworker, rural and urban communities. PathStone seeks to help low- and moderate-income individuals and families build wealth and obtain self-sufficiency. PathStone Community Development Corporation of Puerto Rico, Inc. sets policy related to housing services and development.

 PG Engineering Solutions, PSC (PGES) assists Pathstone as a consultant in the development of various low income housing projects, such as: Portal de San Germán in San Germán, and Vistas de Castañer in Adjuntas.

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Project: Transit Center and Parking Building • $9,700,000.00 • Río Piedras

The Municipality of San Juan is currently building a Transit Center and parking building to accommodate small bus routes that cover the Rio Piedras' west region. The proposed structure has a total estimated cost of $10 million and consists of five above-ground levels, with capacity for 334 bus parking spaces, and a half basement that will house the new Transit Center. As the Program Manager of Rio 2012, PGES has managed the selection and supervision of the designer and the professional consultants that have conducted studies and obtained the endorsements and permits necessary for the development of the project.

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Project: Guaynabo City • $3,000,000.00 • Guaynabo

The Municipality of Guaynabo retained the services of PGES to oversee its Capital Improvement Program. The firm is now undertaking 3 projects, which include the following:

A. Guaynabo City Hospital - The Municipality of Guaynabo will construct a medical facility, the “Guaynabo City Hospital”, located at intersection PR-199 and PR-837 at Los Frailes Community. The project consists of a six-story building that will be connected with the existing Guaynabo Medical Mall. This new facility will provide ninety-four (94) new beds and seventy-seven (77) new parking spaces. The site has a size of approximately 1.7 acres. PGES serves as consultant to oversee the permitting process, selection of specialized consultants, document review and technical support.

B. Villa Concepcion II - PGES provides technical support to the Municipality of Guaynabo for this low-income housing project under construction. PGES assists the Municipality with application deadlines and submission of documents requested by 10 government entities for approval and disbursement of federal funds for the construction of the project. This low-income housing project is located at Amelia sector in Guaynabo and includes 37 new low-income housing units.

C. Redevelopment of Los Alamos - The Municipality of Guaynabo has managed Los Álamos housing project since 2003 through an agreement with the Puerto Rico Public Housing Administration (PHA). The PHA budget for Los Álamos includes funds to renovate the physical plant and the infrastructure serving it. Given the severely deteriorated condition of the housing project, the Municipality has advised the PHA and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), its intention to redevelop the site occupied by Los Álamos. PGES serves as Project Manager to fast track the Master Plan of redevelopment of Los Álamos. The project will include 50 low-income single family units, 60 walkup units at market prices, 88 elderly housing units, 154 condominium units in mid-rise towers, and 10,000 square feet of recreational area.