Project: Metro Urbano - Bus Rapid Transit

Toa Alta - Bayamón

The Puerto Rico Highway & Transportation Authority (PRHTA) proposed the Construction of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), its Parking Facility and Dynamic Lanes in State Roads PR-5 and PR-22 between PR-165 and the Bayamón Tren Urbano Station, in the Municipalities of Toa Baja and Bayamón. The project will provide express bus service between the boarding station and the Bayamón Tren Urbano Station.

PGES provides Inspection and Management services for the construction of the an exclusive lane for the “Metro Urbano” from PR-22 to PR-5, STA.0+82.29 to STA. 11+80.00 (Unit IV-A1 & Unit IV-A2). Also, provides the Project Control services for the project to be constructed from Toa Baja Toll Station to STA. 20+00 (Unit I).