Project: Guaynabo City


The Municipality of Guaynabo retained the services of PGES to oversee its Capital Improvement Program. The firm is now undertaking 3 projects, which include the following:

A. Guaynabo City Hospital - The Municipality of Guaynabo will construct a medical facility, the “Guaynabo City Hospital”, located at intersection PR-199 and PR-837 at Los Frailes Community. The project consists of a six-story building that will be connected with the existing Guaynabo Medical Mall. This new facility will provide ninety-four (94) new beds and seventy-seven (77) new parking spaces. The site has a size of approximately 1.7 acres. PGES serves as consultant to oversee the permitting process, selection of specialized consultants, document review and technical support.

B. Villa Concepcion II - PGES provides technical support to the Municipality of Guaynabo for this low-income housing project under construction. PGES assists the Municipality with application deadlines and submission of documents requested by 10 government entities for approval and disbursement of federal funds for the construction of the project. This low-income housing project is located at Amelia sector in Guaynabo and includes 37 new low-income housing units.

C. Redevelopment of Los Alamos - The Municipality of Guaynabo has managed Los Álamos housing project since 2003 through an agreement with the Puerto Rico Public Housing Administration (PHA). The PHA budget for Los Álamos includes funds to renovate the physical plant and the infrastructure serving it. Given the severely deteriorated condition of the housing project, the Municipality has advised the PHA and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), its intention to redevelop the site occupied by Los Álamos. PGES serves as Project Manager to fast track the Master Plan of redevelopment of Los Álamos. The project will include 50 low-income single family units, 60 walkup units at market prices, 88 elderly housing units, 154 condominium units in mid-rise towers, and 10,000 square feet of recreational area.