Firm Overview

  • Founded in 2001
  • Professional Services Corporation that provides cost-effective solutions to the most demanding customer
  • Provides high-quality engineering services and serves as owner’s representative in capital improvement projects.
  • Provides integrated engineering, project management and construction management services through in-house personnel and associated business partners
  • Experience in governmental and private sector
  • Experience in the public sector serves to expedite project permitting and environmental approvals
  • Added-value service provided to clients
  • Company insured with a professional liability policy

     PGES brings extensive experience in the planning, development and oversight of individual projects and large capital improvement programs through the work of its President, Dr. Carlos I. Pesquera. During his tenure as Secretary of the Department of Transportation and Public Works, Dr. Pesquera led the implementation of an unprecedented multibillion dollar infrastructure improvement effort. He also re-organized the Puerto Rico Infrastructure Financing Authority to lead and implement a $2 billion strategic capital program to improve Puerto Rico’s island-wide water and wastewater systems. As a result of this experience, he not only is intimately familiar with the procedures and protocols necessary to successfully implement an extensive capital program, but he can readily view the process from the owner’s perspective. As a result, through his leadership PGES brings a unique understanding of the clients needs to ensure the successful implementation and completion of a development project. PGES’s role in a Program Management team includes program management services for the technical components of the Program, including the procurement and oversight of such preconstruction services as soil testing, demolition, hazardous materials removal, environmental review, permitting and similar services that may be necessary to support the client's requests for development proposals. PGES also assists the client in developing requests for proposals and providing technical review of proposer responses. PGES is familiar with local procurement procedures and requirements, as well as requirements for federally funded programs, and local permitting agencies’ rules and regulations. PGES personnel also are experienced in guiding complex projects through the Municipality’s and the central government’s local approval processes. PGES brings extensive program management experience coupled with local expertise.